Monday, June 10, 2013

Where to begin? Well, at the beginning, of course!

I suppose I should explain why my blog is titled, Pisstified. 

Most of you are probably wondering, "Is that even a word?"  Well, my good people, it is, in fact, a word.

A friend found this picture on Facebook, and the idea of a blog came to life:

Tada!!!  Hence the name of this blog.  Most of what we will be talking about here is how "interesting" my life can sometimes be.  When I say interesting, I mean pisstifying (ok, now that might actually not be a real word, but work with me here).

I have had so many people tell me, especially lately, that I have an incredibly interesting life.  Whether those are just the polite noises they are making because they are tired of hearing me talk, or whether they are genuine, I really can't say.  Normally I would hesitate to agree, but judging on how much has been going on in my life in the past year, I might have to agree. . . but now, we will leave this post on that very unfair note of suspense, and wait till I feel like posting again.   Don't worry, that might be in two minutes. . . then again, it might be in two weeks. . . we will see how this plays out.  :)